9 Signs Your Probiotics Are Working |A Probiotics Guide

If you’re like most people who take probiotics, you know that they are good for your gut health. Still, it’s one thing to understand you’re giving your body what it needs to thrive, but you also want to feel the difference. If you’re taking a daily probiotic, you should notice changes in your overall health, especially over time. 


If you aren’t sure what those changes should be, you’re in the right place. This helpful guide will provide you with nine signs that your probiotics are working. 


Probiotics should have clear results — like these:

#1 Increased Energy

It’s no surprise that your body gets its energy from the food you eat — particularly those nutrients and micronutrients that are absorbed by the lining of your stomach. That process becomes complicated or even impossible when your gut microbiome gets out of balance. 


When that happens, inflammation in your gut lining ensues. That inflammation prevents proper absorption of the nutrients your body relies on. Without those key nutrients, you’ll eventually experience plummeting energy levels.


Just the opposite happens when you’re taking a high-quality probiotic. With your gut microbiome in balance, the lining of your stomach is able to absorb the nutrients and micronutrients it needs to supply energy where and when you need it most. 

#2 Better Immunity

Getting sick easily is something we’ve become increasingly accustomed to — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Frequently, the problem isn’t an increase in germs or viruses, but a weakened immune system that’s unprepared to fight them. 


Your immune health and your gut health go hand-in-hand. Here’s why: When you think about strengthening your immune system, you probably consider boosting your vitamin and mineral intake — especially B, C, and Zinc. That’s smart. But where do those vitamins and minerals get absorbed? That’s right…in your gut. The same gut that is protected and sustained by your daily probiotic. But there’s even more here to unpack.


Certain bacteria actually help manage your immune system in two significant ways:


  • Some strains manage inflammation by increasing IL-10 production in your body


  • They also stimulate the secretion of Secretory Immunoglobulin (sigA)


Without adequate IL-10 production, your immune system won’t be able to guard against inflammatory processes and even autoimmune diseases. 


At the same time, without enough sigA, your weakened immune system can become easily infected.


The right probiotic takes care of both. One way to know your probiotic is working is that you get sick less often.

#3 Improved Digestion

If you’ve been taking your probiotic for some time, this sign may come as no surprise. But can you remember what things were like before — the heartburn, bloating, gas, and stomach aches? 


A daily probiotic targets indigestion and its related symptoms. Probiotics go to work quickly to restore the healthy bacteria levels in your gut. 


With regular probiotic use, the days of indigestion become a thing of the past.

#4 Regular Bowel Movements

On top of issues with digestion, constipation and diarrhea can make day-to-day life painful. Those irregular bowel movements are often caused by a lack of good bacteria in the intestines. 


Frequent diarrhea may be the result of pathogenic bacteria in your intestines. Likewise, constipation may indicate low mucous production or decreased motility in your intestinal muscles. 


Whether you’re adding more good bacteria to your gut to overtake pathogens or increasing mucous production to regulate constipating, you’ll know your probiotics are working when your bowel movements are predictable and healthy.

#5 Weight Loss

With no shortage of weight loss products on the market today, it’s easy to forget that being able to maintain a healthy weight is a sign your probiotics are working. One reason is that probiotics can help curb sugar cravings — but that’s not all. 


When the bacteria in your gut is out of balance, unhealthy bacteria and pathogens — like Candida Albicans — have the opportunity to flourish. Many of those pathogens send signals to your brain that amplify sugar cravings. In turn, those cravings lead to poor food choices and eventual weight gain.


You’ll feel the power of the probiotics you’re taking when those cravings subside. If you’re attempting to lose weight, a daily probiotic might just be your secret weapon.

# 6 Better Cognitive Function

Although research continues, multiple studies indicate that the link between gut health and cognitive function is strong. One reason is inflammation.


An imbalance in your gut bacteria can lead to gut inflammation, and that’s where the trouble begins. Over time, that inflammation can cause a leaky gut, which allows pathogens and particles to enter your bloodstream — eventually entering and impacting your brain. 


Your daily probiotic works to keep leaky gut and inflammation from happening, which allows your mind to perform optimally day-in and day-out. If you feel like you’re thinking more clearly, there’s a good chance your probiotic is helping make that a reality.

#7 Lower Anxiety

Often, our worries and anxiety show up in our stomachs. In fact, that’s one reason we talk about having a “gut feeling.” Your brain and your gut are constantly sending signals back and forth to one another. 


Your gut microbiome can also be linked to depression and feelings of sadness as well.


By regulating the bacteria in your gut, probiotics can change the type of communication being sent to your brain. Instead of sending distress signals that trigger anxious feelings or depression, your daily probiotic makes it easier for your gut to tell your brain that everything is working as it should. 

#8 Less Stress

Life is stressful enough on its own, and learning to manage stress can be difficult. As with anxiety and depression, your gut health has a lot to say about how well you handle the stress in your life. 


Because a leaky gut is associated with inflammation in the brain, your mind’s ability to process and deal with stressful situations can quickly become compromised. 


If you’ve been taking probiotics consistently, you may already be accustomed to feeling more in control of your emotions and better equipped to deal with things that would’ve been overwhelming in the past — from hard days at work to hectic schedules at home. 

#9 Better Cravings

We touched on the ways probiotics decrease sugar cravings earlier, and that’s true. Some of the pathogens can trick your body into craving sugar because that is what they feed on. Getting rid of sugar cravings is great news, but it doesn’t stop there. 


A daily probiotic can regulate what your body craves and doesn’t crave. When your gut flora is balanced, your body is less inclined to crave the bad things, but it also has an easier time wanting the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take for Probiotics to Work?

The answer to this question depends on a few things, including:


  • How do you define the word “work?”
  • What is your overall health and current gut health?
  • What is your chosen probiotic made from?


For people taking a high-quality, multistrain, multispecies supplement, you should begin to notice initial improvements in your digestion within one to two weeks of consistent use. 


Long-term effects of continued probiotic use — like mood stabilization, weight loss, improved cognitive abilities, and less anxiety may take four to eight weeks.

How Do I Choose the Right Probiotic?

Choosing the right probiotic can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Look for supplements that include the following features.


  • Your probiotic should include multiple strains of bacteria as well as different species of bacteria
  • Supplements that are free of animal proteins, allergens, and fillers — along with dairy, gluten, soy, and yeast
  • Probiotics that are tailored around the specific outcomes you’re trying to achieve — like weight loss, digestion, detoxification, and even heart health

The Bottom Line

When you’re taking the right probiotic you should be able to feel the difference in a variety of different ways. From betters moods to less unhealthy cravings, probiotics work to support all-around health. 


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Feeling better starts with trusting your gut. We’ll help you get there. 

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