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Essential Cleansing for Perfect Health by Brenda Watson, N.D.

Essential Cleansing for Perfect Health by Brenda Watson, N.D.

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Essential Cleansing

“While the can of bug spray under your counter will carry a warning on the label, the asparagus you bought from your local supermarket will bear no such warning, despite the fact that it may contain trace amounts of the same (or related) toxic compounds found in the bug spray…”

“Many toxins accumulate in body tissues. These chemicals are slowly deposited in our bodies, and over time can make us chronically sick if they’re allowed to remain there. For this reason, natural health care professionals place a heavy emphasis on toxicity in the body as a major cause of disease.”

“It has been reported that PCBs may be a contributing cause of Parkinson’s disease. Dioxins have been linked to both insulin resistance and diabetes. Other environment-induced diseases that may be linked to pesticides include:…”

“To simplify the herbal cleansing process and maximize its effects, a four-step herbal cleansing program which combines herbs that cleanse with those that build, is recommended. …The four simple steps to the herbal cleansing program are:…”

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