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Pure Essence Labs Ionic-Fizz Calcium Plus, 15 oz.

Pure Essence Labs Ionic-Fizz Calcium Plus, 15 oz.

Brand: Pure Essence Labs
Product No: PUR-03002
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Ionic Fizz Calcium Plus
with Magnesium to Build Strong, Healthy Bones
Sugar Free - Raspberry Lemonade Flavor

Ionic Fizz Calcium Plus provides the world's best absorbed calcium and magnesium in the ratio that best supports bones. It is, in short, the finest bone support supplement you'll ever find.

We all know that calcium is vital for strong bones. But, it can reach your bones only when sufficient magnesium is also present. When calcium does not reach the bones, it can form arterial plaque, bone spurs, kidney stones, etc.

While the dairy industry and modern medicine tell Americans they need 1500 mg. of supplemental calcium per day, studies tell a different tale. Research reveals, however, that the world's strongest bones are built on less than 200 mg. of calcium per day, and that cultures with the highest calcium consumption also have the world's highest rates of osteoporosis.This does not occur, of course, only because we're getting too much calcium, but because we're not getting enough magnesium. Every culture with low rates of osteoporosis gets from 200 to 600 mg. of calcium per day, but also gets at least 500 mg. of magnesium. Americans get less than 200 mg. of daily magnesium.



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Suggested Use: One scoop (filled to line), once or twice daily, mixed in six ounces of water.

Ionic-Fizz Calcium Plus, Supplement Facts