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NSC-24 Immuskin Cream with MG Beta Glucan and Green Tea
Skin Protectant Cream 2 oz.

with Micronized MG Beta Glucan, Colostrum, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, E & B5, CoEnzyme Q10, Selenium, Jojoba oil, Nettle and Much More!
A truly unique skin cream both in ingredients and effectiveness – ImmuSkin™ – is now available for your skin health.   Skin problems afflict us all - men and women, young and old - as we age it becomes more difficult to maintain youthful looking and healthy skin.  Why try another skin care product when you’ve already tried so many?  Because ImmuSkin™ uniquely combines MG Beta Glucan, a biomolecule particularly active in counteracting the negative effects of cutaneous (skin) aging, with Colostrum; beneficial vitamins A, E & B5; OPC Grape Seed Extract; CoEnzyme Q-10; Selenium; Aloe Vera; Jojoba oil, Nettle and many more skin nutrients to make a potent and truly one-of-a-kind formula for optimum skin protection. 

With a natural fragrance, fast absorption and non-greasy feeling, men and women both will be impressed with ImmuSkin™ because it goes to work without a lingering cosmetic fragrance or slick feeling on your skin.  We all seek a radiant skin tone with high elasticity and the ability to recover and then retain our skin health - particularly with aging.  Pinch the skin on the back of your hand.  If the skin immediately returns to normal on release, you have excellent skin tone.  If a period of time was required, you need better skin health.  Do you see blemishes, blotches or age spots?  Dry patches, sun damaged or “blue” skin developing?  Do you have an itch that just will not stop?  Try ImmuSkin™!  The secret?

ImmuSkin™ Protectant Cream Secrets 
The link between the vitality and health of immune cells in the skin and skin recovery after damage is beyond question in science.  Healthy skin immune cells equal skin health. ImmuSkin™ utilizes its unique and potent skin health blend to help restore the cutaneous (skin) barrier physically and biologically through rejuvenating skin immune cells, resulting in skin health and anti-aging benefits such as wrinkle reduction, diminishment of skin spots and accelerated wound recovery.  

A clinical study of 150 women with topical applications of purified Beta Glucan extract in various cosmetic preparations resulted in a 27% improvement in hydration of skin, 56% improvement in facial wrinkles, 29% improvement in skin dryness and a 74% improvement in skin elasticity/firmness within an eight week treatment period.  Beta Glucan, together with other essential ImmuSkin™ ingredients, synergistically empower and invigorate your skin immune cells.

As we age, the immune cells in the skin known as Langerhan cells become weaker and more sensitive to the aggressiveness, negative influences and exposure to the environment; including UVA, UVB rays and air toxins.  Additionally, poor nutrition and internal contamination, or infection, through the passing of time can damage your skin.  Aging and the negative assaults of life on the skin severely reduce the Langerhan cells ability to protect and maintain healthy tissues we recognize as radiant and youthful skin.  These aging Langerhan cells then become less able to identify cross-linked tissue (a cause of fine lines and wrinkles) and to recognize premature pigmentation (age spots) as debris to be removed.  The Langerhan cells become less and less able to win the battle to provide healthy skin over time as the aging process occurs. ImmuSkin™ causes a cell-a-bration!


ImmuSkin™ Natural Nutrient Ingredients 
The unique biomolecule - MG Beta Glucan – nutritionally potentiates the cells and enhances their natural metabolism, including secretions that increase collagen and elastin production.  MG Beta Glucan in ImmuSkin™ has remarkable antioxidant activity against free radicals that cause skin damage; being particularly efficient on hydroxyl and super-oxide radicals essential to healthy skin.  The MG Beta Glucan further serves to protect the skin against harmful ultraviolet radiation, particularly UV-A, when combined with sunscreens of SPF15+.  Given these considerations, MG Beta Glucan is an outstanding skin care protectant.  However, Beta Glucan is only the beginning of the myriad of skin health components in this unique skin protectant cream – ImmuSkin™!

 The Colostrum in ImmuSkin™ contains Transforming Growth Factor (TGF), which is frequently used with burn victims to minimize scarring.  Colostrum is an undisputed necessity for repairing damaged skin and creating healthy new cells.  Aloe Vera naturally assists in addressing burns and wounds to stimulate skin repair and cell growth.  OPC Grape Seed Extract neutralizes dangerous free radicals that cause aging.  Hydrocotyl and Coneflower Extracts are clinically proven to reduce the effects of aging and wrinkles, while CoEnzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant for cellular energy used in repair and replacement of damaged cells.  Nettle aids in itching resolution.

Vitamin A is a proven essential for viable skin and Vitamin E is excellent for softness and fighting age spots.  Selenium is beneficial for skin elasticity and repair due to premature aging. Hyaluronic Acid provides needed moisture and Jojoba, Safflower and Avocado Oils are excellent natural sources of beneficial nutrients.  You get them all in ImmuSkin™!

ImmuSkin™ Promotes Skin Well-Being Through Immune System Potentiation
ImmuSkin™ with micronized MG Beta glucan and its host of skin health ingredients, optimizes skin well being and protection.  Other skin care products may give you only one or two of the multitude of ingredients in ImmuSkin™.  Protect against negative aging effects and damage to your skin, while promoting the regeneration of the healthy skin of your youth with the unique skin protectant formula — ImmuSkin™.

NSC-24 Immuskin Cream with MG Beta Glucan and Green Tea, 2 oz.
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