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Seagate Lemon Powder, 100 grams

Seagate Lemon Powder, 100 grams

Brand: Seagate/First Fishery
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History: Lemons are believed to have originated in India or China. Lemons have been principally used for their juice, and as an ingredient in cooking and baking. Because of its citric acid content and low ph of 2-3, lemon has been used for its antiseptic characteristics, for digestion and for helping clear common ailments such as clogged sinuses. Most germs do not survive at low ph. Lemon tree cultivation spread to Europe during the 1400’s through their trade with India, and eventually were carried by sailors to the “New World” during the exploration by Spain. Lemons and their seeds spread across the globe as sailors recognized that this citrus fruit could help protect them from the ravages of scurvy.

Processing: Seagate’s lemons are grown in the interior valleys of Baja California. Seagate freeze-dries these whole lemons (which includes the skin, the pulp, the seeds and the juice) to make this whole lemon concentrate powder contained in each capsule. This is a very delicate low-temperature / high vacuum process that removes only the moisture contained in this fruit, retaining all of the valuable nutrients. These lemons have been grown and processed without the use of any chemicals.

Benefits: Seagate Lemon is made from the whole lemon. While most people use only the juice and very infrequently due to its very acidic taste, Seagate Lemon is a low-cost, convenient way to enjoy the benefits of whole lemons on a daily basis. Lemon has many diverse applications. Although it is acidic, the metabolism of the lemon by the body will actually cause it to become slightly alkaline, which is less tolerable for fungus. It is a natural anti-microbial, supports kidney, liver and bowel functions, and has a very attractive smell. Just smelling the pleasant aroma of this product can make you feel good.

Convenience: This product is the only practical way to consume the entire lemon.

Competition: This freeze-dried whole lemon concentrate is unique. The manufacture of this product requires specialized machinery that can capture all the juice and recombine it with the ground up seeds, pulp and skin which are dried in a vacuum chamber and then pulverized into a fine powder.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Directions:  Mix approx. 1/2 teasooon (2 grams) with 1 cup (8 oz) of water.  Stir well.  You may wish to expirement with the tast by increasing or reducing the amount of powder that is mixed in the glass of water.  This is a highly concentrated freeze-dried powder.  A very small amount is required to make a tasty lemon drink.  This powder can also be used to add lemon flavor and taste to cakes and cookies or for making icing and sauces.


Benefits:  Seagate Lemon Powder is a very concentrated, sugar-free, chemical-free and low-calorie food.  It is superior to other lemon juices and lemon drinks because it provides the benefits of eating the entire lemon and does not require the addition of sugar to improve its taste.  Although lemons have an acidic taste, they will leave an alkaline residue in the body, which is important when trying to reduce the body's acidity level.  Lemon also is an aid in digestion, constipation, cleansing and for abdominal relief.  While most people use only the juice from the lemon and discard the rest of the fruit, Seagate Lemon Powder is a low-cost, convenient way to enjoy the benefits of eating whole lemons.  The powder in this jar is derived from freeze-drying approximately 9 whole lemons.  These lemons have been grown an processed without any use of any chemicals or pesticides.