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Damn you, Corona Virus!

Life ExtensionZinc Lozenges

March 13, 2020

Damn you, Corona Virus for making this unavailable! I've been using these zinc lozenges successfully to elimate a cold within two days of the very first symptoms... but now I can't even order them anymore.

John W.
Calms an overactive immune system

Life ExtensionImmune Protect with PARACTIN

February 19, 2020

I have a genetic abnormality called hla-b27. I recommend this product for the 3% of us with this overactive immune problem. I was having an attack of Reactive Arthritis and my immune system was also starting to attack my left eye. I took this product and within 24 hours my immune system calmed down and stopped attacking everything. This has never happened before. It usually takes weeks or months to stop. This product is much cheaper and healthier than taking steroids all the time. The steroid eye drops are $400 per attack. This has been the best solution to my problem that I have ever found. Thanks Life Extension!

starsfantastic product

NORTH AMERICAN HERB & SPICEOreganol P-73 Super Strength Oil of Oregano

September 3, 2019

Great for anti fungal prevention and or help. I've used this product for 16 years and it WORKS. I had a fungal infection for 25 years and not one doctor recognized what my problem was. Was always treated with penicillin which was short term help. Please....just try it and stay on it. Give it some time. Also, watch your sugar intake. Good luck!!

george vuckovich
Seems to work


June 5, 2019

I've been taking this for a month now and I seem to have more energy and well being. I'm getting a lot more stuff done. Maybe it's just physiological ?

The Rock
Worth Every Penny

Dr. Ohhira's ProbioticsProbiotics Original Formula

May 16, 2019

I am not one to take antibiotics but after getting Lyme, I was on them for 3 years and it is a miracle that I even have a gut! I am currently taking these probiotics with Florastor and the results are amazing. I feel alive once again. My only concern is that they may not tolerate an acid stomach and I tend to drink a lot of tea. So, to be safe, I wait at least an hour after taking these before I will drink anything besides water.

Multiple uses

Sovereign SilverFirst Aid Gel

February 13, 2019

I use this product for any minor burns or irritations. I put on q tip for cold sores also. Soothes the burning. This time around, I ended up getting a rash under my arms from a deodorant. Now granted, itís winter, but I have been using it as my go to deodorant. Cleared up the rash, and havenít stopped using it. It has a really soothing cooling effect. My nephew ended up with burns from an airbag exploding in his face. Gave him a bottle of this and he had such relief, and helped clear it up quickly. I was at a restaurant a few weeks ago and one of the girls in kitchen burnt her arm. I ran home and grabbed my spare bottle for her. Blistered really bad, about the size of a silver dollar. Saw her the next week and it was almost completely gone with no scar. Have another friend whose dog had eye infections and he was put on multiple antibiotics. I gave her some and saw her a week later and she said the infection was almost gone. Poor little guy had been suffering with infection for about 2 months. I buy these, and end up giving them out to whoever is in need. I highly recommend this product. Awesome company. Received quickly. Definitely will buy again.

Really like this product!

Sovereign SilverDropper-Top

December 12, 2018

I am an ICU nurse that works third shift, so not only am I exposed to lots of germs, also my sleep schedule is very atypical, leaving me worn down physically more days than not, which in turn weakens the immune system. This was my first time investing in a more homeopathic immune support. It is easy to take, directions are simple and easy to follow, product is flavorless which is very nice, and I have remained healthy since I have begun using it. My BF who I live with does not use this product and has come down with a sinus infection and a nasty cough with the season change in GA, but I have not experienced any illness, which I usually do get a nasty sinus infection with every season change. I do think this product it directly related to me remaining so healthy so far and will continue to incorporate this into my daily health routine.

Great product!

NORTH AMERICAN HERB & SPICEOreganol P-73 Oil of Oregano

December 1, 2018

My family and I use this the entire year. From toothaches to colds.. Each time someone has a stuffy nose, cough or sore throat coming in we take oregano and itís gone. We swear by it!!

DJ Brown
Stinky pit help. Finally!!

Dr. Ohhira's ProbioticsProbiotic Kampuku Soap

October 30, 2018

I have had the WORST luck with deodorants, from super natural organic to clinical strength I just have not been able to fix it. I stopped wearing any and would be okay until I did anything to make me sweat. Wearing a shirt for just a few minutes meant it had to go in the wash. Once probiotics became popular I began to suspect I just had a really bad bacterial imbalance. This soap is finally helping! Along with Organic Island Probiotic Deodorant I finally feel confidant again.

Coffee Cat
Lemon Juice breaks up kidney stones! This does it with no heartburn!

SeagateWhole Lemon Concentrate

September 26, 2018

My dr had recommended that i put lemon juice in my daily water intake to keep my kidney stones broken down. I tried that for several days and developed a raw esophagus and heartburn. So i decided to try these capsules instead. Wow! I can take a couple a day and still feel thebenefits of my lemon juice without the dry mouth and heart burn! And still no sign of kidney stones! I have also lost a few pounds while taking these - it's been a couple of weeks of consistently taking them every day. I do believe they help with digestion as well.

C. Carpenter
Worked better than I hoped at the time. Plan to purchase again.


September 25, 2018

A couple of years ago, I had gone to my Dr because I felt run down and my tongue had started bleeding. He ran blood tests, said he couldn't find anything and sent me to a disease specialist. The specialist ran blood tests and said he couldn't find anything and believed it was related to my rheumatoid arthritis medication and would resolve itself. I knew the medication I took effected my immune system which included the good bacteria. A bit of research on my symptoms and I figured out I had thrush. I bought this to try. Before I went to bed, I poured 1 packet in my mouth, held it for a minute and then slowly drank a glass of water. The next morning I looked at my tongue. I was stunned! My tongue was no longer white! It was actually pink again! I continued using the product until the problem was resolved. Later, I encountered something far more dangerous than thrush. Last year, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It's been a long year, but I've had incredible Dr's to see me through and My scans are cancer free!

M. Kelsey

Sovereign SilverPour-Top

September 25, 2018

This stuff is amazing! If someone in the house is sick, I take the short term immune support dosage and havenít been let down yet! I literally went from being sick every other week to not getting sick for 6 months, all because of this! I was skeptical at first but it really does work at preventing getting sick.

Worth it

Nordic NaturalsUltimate Omega

May 28, 2018

I know it is a little more pricey but in our 20 year opinion of using Nordic Naturals, it is worth every penny. Nowadays it is so important to pay attention to the supplements you put in your body. We have a good friend who is a chemist in the supplement industry and he said Nordic Naturals is the real deal. He feels they are one of the best in the industry. We are fans!

J. malone
Thank Goodness!


March 26, 2018

This stuff is the best asthma and allergy cure that I have ever found! I have been taking it daily since November and have had no side effects, only a great response to my 2x a day dose, of health maintenance goodness (including 1,000 mg V-C}. A simple, upper respiratory cold can easily land me in the hospital for days with debilitating asthma. I am happy to report that I have made it through the winter without a sniffle.

Quality supplement!

SeagateGrape Seed Extract

April 22, 2017

One of the uses of this supplement is for high blood pressure. I have been purchasing supplements from this quality company for years and am pleased.

Seems to work well!

NSC-ImmunitionNSC-100 Beta Glucan Extra Strength

February 26, 2017

I have taken many supplements over the years. This is one of those that you take, but it doesn't necessarily immediately make you feel better or wonderful or whatever. It's meant to support your immune system. A coworker commented to me the other day that there is so much going around our office, and I never seem to catch it. I told her that I do take supplements to support my immune system and can only attribute it to that, as I can't think of any other particular reason I would not catch something everyone else is getting.

Robin Taylor
Take daily if you use statins

Life ExtensionSuper Ubiquinol CoQ10

January 14, 2017

We take statins and you NEED to take CoQ10 because statins deplete your body's supply. The reason to take the Ubiquonol instead of regular CoQ10 is because your body absorbs and uses this form much better. Our doctor friends have recommended this form of CoQ10 and that is why we take it - two a day (once in morning, once before bed with the statin) for a total of 200mg.

busy shopper
Good product, no side effects

SeagateOlive Leaf Throat Spray Raspberry Spearmint

February 16, 2016

This product works so much better than regular nasal and throat sprays and you can use it much more often without addicting yourself to the product. I actually experienced extended relief from nasal congestion that I had not had for years. Good product. Have ordered many times.

Maybe the next best synthetic fat source of nature identical DHA and EPA TAGs other than eating oily fish.

Nordic NaturalsPrenatal DHA

December 17, 2015

Your first choice of supplying your unborn and newborn with omega-3s (DHA, EPA, and DPA) and arachidonic acid (AA) are from the diet by eating oily fish. Some child bearing women are concerned with organic pollutants and heavy metals in fish and therefore turn to so called ďmolecular distilledĒ fish oils. Unfortunately, many fish oils sold on the market and targeted to pregnant and lactating women are in the less bioavailable derivatized form of ethyl esters. To release the fatty acids from the ethyl esters during hydrolysis, you also release ethanol at the cellular level which could be more damaging than drinking alcohol. Test your dietary supplement with the simple Styrofoam challenge as I have shown here with Nurture Me which is not "fish oil". That product is misbranded and may cause fetal alcohol syndrome disorder (FASD). In addition, since ethyl esters are not "dietary substances" and if they are in dietary supplements, the supplement is misbranded. Read the New Dietary Ingredient guidelines. Ethyl esters are not a component of food.

Fish Oil Guy
Surviving with a smile


November 27, 2013

I took this supplement during chemotherapy and my doctor was very impressed with my blood counts and how well I was doing at every check point. I, personally, think it was taking a few supplements, this one being major on my list. The chemo attacks and kills the immune system and we need every advantage while we fight back to survive the cancer and the treatment. By taking supplements to improve my well being during treatment, including surgeries, I was able to smile and engage with my care givers.

Kindle Customer
Way above average digestive enzymes

GLOBAL HEALTH TRAXActive Digestive Enzymes

January 25, 2013

I rarely have time to add my review on products. This brand has been THE MOST EFFECTIVE and fastest acting that I've ever used. I've tried a lot of different and more expensive brands that seem to have no effect.

S. Robin